QKDT in Eclipse Debug View

The screenshot above shows a typical Q Development Session, which uses the Eclipse Debug perspective with the following views.

  1. The Debug view contains the launches. There are two kinds of Q connections possible. Either the Q instance is started from Eclipse and the Platform chooses a suitable port to connect or you connect to an already running local or remote Q instance. Currently only the latter is implemented.
  2. The Expression view holds expressions and evaluation results. If an expression evaluates to a Q table it is automatically shown in the Q Table view. All other Q instances like atoms, lists or dictionaries are displayed here.
  3. The Q Editor features syntax hightlighting and bracket pair matching. Code completion is planned.
  4. The Outline view is connected to the editor and can display definitions or declarations from the script in the editor. At the time being function declarations are recognized.
  5. The Q Table view shows the content of tables, which is sortable by column.

© 2007,2008 Markus Barchfeld.