Set up a workspace

  1. Download and extract the QKDT target platform
  2. Start up Eclipse 3.5 and create an empty workspace
  3. Set the QKDT target platform from preferences
  4. Switch to the subversion perspective and check out all projects from the trunk of

Start QKDT from workspace

For running QKDT from the workspace create and run a new Run Configuration of type Eclipse Application.

Develop the ANTLR grammar

Tweaking the grammar can be tedious and I would suggest a test driven approach:

  1. Run all tests from org.qkdt.parser.tests, this can be done easily from the context menu of the org.qkdt.parser.tests package
  2. Choose a test spec from the tests directory and add a new test
  3. Run all tests again and watch the new test failing
  4. Change the grammar file in org.qkdt.parser/grammar/QK.g
  5. Save the grammar, antlr will be called automatically from the build.xml script and generates the parser and lexer if  the grammar is OK
  6. Run the tests again

There is also a simple application for calling the parser on a particular q file. It can be found at org.qkdt.parser.tests/src/org/qkdt/parser/test/




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